Cherry Chocolate Factory: Revert to beta version, then bring back to beta

UpdateDate: 06/06/2017 04:10:37We’ve all heard the tale of the Cherry Chocolate factory reset and its infamous “dancing cats”.

However, we’ve been waiting to see how this was actually going to play out, especially as it was only possible to revert back to the beta version of Factorio, so we could have a proper look at how this might have affected our development and production processes.

We’re not sure exactly how this will work for those who are still on the beta channel.

We’re not privy to the exact details, but it is believed that the factory reset was a way to remove bugs that would be introduced with the new game mode, and would also be a way of improving the stability of the game.

That said, we’re still looking into the possibility of having a full release of Factorios on the Beta channel, and if this proves to be the case we’ll definitely be able to bring back our factory reset.

It’s possible that this may also lead to an increase in the number of new factories being created in the future, as we can imagine there are many more people looking for the opportunity to work in a factory that is already full.

The factory reset will also be accompanied by the release of new buildings and items, which will hopefully make for some more satisfying factories to visit in the game, as well as adding new features to Factorio’s content.

If you’re on the Factory Reset channel and have a factory, please do let us know in the comments below and we’ll work to get you more involved.

Source: MacStories