How to Reset Your iPhone for New iPad, iPod Touch, or iPad Mini without Rebooting

Fox Sports will soon launch an iOS 10.4 update for the Apple iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch that will allow users to reset the devices without having to restart the device.

Users of the new iOS 10 update will be able to reset their devices by entering their Apple ID password into the Settings app.

The update is available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone SE.

The update will also bring improvements to iCloud storage, such as allowing users to store and sync photos and videos.

The new iOS update also improves the user experience for accessing and downloading apps.

The iOS 10 version of the firmware is rolling out to the Apple TV and Apple TV Pro models.

Apple TV owners will be the first to receive the update.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, Apple is rolling the update out to Apple TV, Apple TV Stick, and Apple Watch.