5 things to know about a new drone that’s about to get into the sky

A new drone has just been unveiled, and it’s designed to be a bit of a big deal.

The drone is a $1 million, five-rotor aerial drone.

And while it’s definitely big, it’s not nearly as big as the sky factory it’s named after.

The sky factory, which is a two-seater drone that can fly as high as 35,000 feet and has a range of 1,000 miles, is set to launch in 2018.

It’s called the Sky Factory.

The Sky Factory was first announced at the Drone Expo in New York City on Monday.

And it looks a lot like a drone that could someday be used to make a drone.

The company is using a proprietary design of an aerodynamic design called “aero-aero” to make the drone.

That aerodynamic structure is meant to give the drone a low weight and low center of gravity.

The company also says that the drone will be able to fly at an altitude of around 4,000 meters, about 10,000 times the current height of the tallest tower in the world.

The new Sky Factory will have four propellers, and the wings are made from composite materials, which the company says “reduces weight and improves aerodynamics.”

The drone is designed to take off vertically, so you can actually land it in the sky.

In addition to the five propellers on the drone, the company also said the drone can take off from a vertical position with a maximum altitude of 1.4 kilometers, which it calls “a bit more than the SkyFactory’s maximum altitude, which was 2.4 kilometer.”

The company says it’s going to launch the drone commercially at a price point of about $1,500, but it doesn’t say how much the drone is going to cost.

The FAA recently approved the use of drones as part of the Civil Aviation Authority’s new unmanned aircraft system program.

That program is a program that will allow drone manufacturers to build and operate their drones for civil purposes.

The FAA said the Sky factory will be one of the first commercial drones to use the new system.

“The SkyFactory is an important step toward expanding commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems and expanding the use and potential of commercial drones,” the FAA said in a statement.

“The FAA has received numerous requests for the Sky and will continue to consider applications from operators, manufacturers and interested parties for a commercial use authorization.”

If the FAA approves the Sky manufacturer’s application, the Sky will be part of a new program called “commercial drone operation,” which was established to allow unmanned aircraft to operate in certain areas.

The Sky factory is the first step in that program.

In a statement, the FAA stressed that the Sky is not a military drone.