When old navy factory closes, restaurant opens next door

The Old Navy Factory in northeast Ohio is closing and its restaurant is opening.

The factory was once home to several companies, including a doughnut company.

But when the Old Navy opened in 2008, it fell victim to a downturn in the food industry.

The company has had to hire new workers, pay a $200,000 fine and eventually shutter its doors.

That’s when the owner decided to open up a restaurant.

In the last few months, the restaurant has been working to find a new location and hopes to open by the end of the year.

We will be open for lunch and dinner in November, said Old Navy owner and owner of The Cheesecake Factory, Michael DeSantis.

That means we will be opening up in the fall, DeSants told The Washington Post.

“We’ll be open during the summer, and we’ll be opening sometime in the winter,” he said.

He said the restaurant is already looking to hire local talent to serve its customers.

“I’m really excited to open this location, because I know I’ll be working hard to keep it up,” DeSant said.

The Cheeecake Factory opened in 1958.

Its original location was located in the same shopping center as the Ohio Department of Transportation.

It has been closed since January of last year.

DeSanto said he plans to open the restaurant in a location near the new building.

De Santis is looking for new tenants for the restaurant, and he said he would like to open at least a dozen different types of pies.

“It’s a very limited menu, and you’ll be able to order whatever you want,” he explained.

De Santis has been trying to find restaurants in the area for years.

“This is where I live,” he told The Post.

De Stantis owns two other restaurants in Ohio.

One of those restaurants is a cheesecake and custard shop called the Chee-Cakes and Treats, which also opened in 2013.

The former was also owned by a former president of Old Navy.

The other business was in the Columbus suburb of Franklin.

It is now owned by the former owner of the Old National.

“When the old navy shut down, I started looking for a place to open a restaurant in Columbus,” De Sants said.

“The Columbus area is very close to the Ohio River, and it’s a beautiful area.

We wanted to open here, because Columbus is one of the few places I have that has a bakery and a pizzeria.”

DeSante said he wanted to reopen the Old Naval after the Ohio General Assembly repealed the state’s moratorium on new doughnut factories.

The moratorium was set to expire in December 2020.

De Sansantis said he has been in contact with local politicians and businesses to secure the support of local businesses.

The Ohio legislature had previously passed a bill that would have made it illegal for new doughnuts to be made in the Old Nation.

But that legislation was later defeated by the legislature.

The bill was later reauthorized by the Ohio House of Representatives in December 2018.

DeStantis said the business was unable to secure a license because of the moratorium.

“My company has been unable to get any kind of license, because they were not licensed under the old moratorium,” he noted.

De Santos said he will not be able open a doughnuts shop in the city unless he can secure a new license from the Ohio Gaming Commission.

De Sanantis said that the Ohio legislature has also given him the go-ahead to open his restaurant in the town of Columbus.

“That’s what we’re looking for,” he added.

“But we’ll have to get a new permit, which is a little harder to get.

The first thing we have to do is get a business license, which we have a few weeks to do.”

De Santissons restaurant has a number of specialties, including pies, cakes, cookies and muffins.

DeSanantis said it was time to open in a city with a lot of restaurants.

“Our location is close to downtown Columbus, so we’re going to have a good number of customers, and I want to open there during the fall,” he stated.

He noted that the town was already working to get its food truck on the market.

De Saints said that his decision to open an Old Navy location in Columbus is not a reaction to the state-imposed moratorium on doughnuts.

“Nothing in the past five years has changed,” he wrote in a statement emailed to The Washington Posts.

“In fact, the industry has been booming in Columbus, Ohio, thanks to our great business environment, a thriving local business community and the great local food scene that’s blossomed around us.

The old navy building is a great place to serve a wide variety of pies and desserts.”

The company said that it is working with the Ohio State University to relocate the Old Nationals, but that it was not yet clear when that would happen.