How to buy a slice of the cheese factory?

The cheesecake manufacturer and its supplier, the Sugar Factory, have announced that the site will be closed on the 27th of April.

According to a statement, they will be “removing all orders from the site, including orders to take part in the auction” on the 29th of May.

Cheesecake Factory said they would not be able to process orders after the date of the closure.

Chess Factory, which has been based in Hong Kong since 1997, said in a statement that the company has “an extensive team” of specialists in the cheesecake industry.

“Cheesecakes, cheesecakes!

We are here to serve you, your loved ones and friends, and to help ensure you will always be satisfied with the quality of our products,” the company said.

Cheesy Factory, the owner of the Sugar factory, told the BBC that the closure was a shock to them.

“The site is a great asset to the Sugar Company, it is a site that is owned by the Sugar and Cheese Company and is managed by the two companies,” Mr C. said.

“There was no need for it to be closed.

We are happy to reopen.

We’ve been trying to get a deal done.”

CheesyFactory said they were offering a “free” slice of cake at the SugarFactory on the day the site is closed.

“If you want to pay the full price, we have a special coupon that is redeemable at the store,” they said.

The Sugar Factory was founded in 1891, and is the oldest remaining cheesecake maker in the world.

Its website says its cheese and desserts are “generally recognised as the world’s best”.

In a statement to the BBC, the company told the broadcaster that it had no immediate plans to reopen the site.

“We are in the process of finalising the closure process and will be in contact with the relevant authorities,” they added.

Cheese Factory’s website said: “ has been closed for good.”