How to beat ISIS

The Japanese have a brand new factory of terror.

It is a large, open-air factory, with no windows or doors, but a factory of steel and concrete.

The factory has been operating since 2011, and has produced over 20 million metric tons of steel, including the 3 million metric ton steel that was used to build the USS Arizona Memorial in Arizona.

This is a highly sophisticated factory.

Its steel is produced at an open-source steel factory called Tohoku Steel.

Tohokos production lines are in Japan’s northernmost coastal city of Sapporo, and the facility has over 100 workers, including thousands of migrant construction workers.

The steel, used in the Arizona Memorial and the USS Washington, is used in a variety of industries in Japan, from shipbuilding to steelmaking.

The plant also has an American supplier, Tractor Supply.

The plant employs over 7,000 workers.

But now, the Japanese government is trying to shutter the factory and send it to China.

In the first year of this program, the government ordered Tohkos workers out of the plant, and is now trying to force them back.

The U.S. government has offered to take in Tohkos workers, but has not offered a way to keep them.

A Tohoko steel factory in Sapporo.

Source: The American Conservative