Is there a problem with a fish factory in Factorio?

A new fish factory that was designed to make Kurumu fish in a factory in the Kurumugou district of Omiya has been banned from commercial operation after a series of incidents.

The company that built the factory said that it was only a temporary fix and that it would close its operations.

It also said that the issue was not a safety concern.

A spokesperson for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said that since the factory was not licensed to manufacture fish, the government had no jurisdiction over it.

“In order to protect consumers from unsafe fish, we cannot authorize a business to use fish from another country in this way,” the spokesperson said.

However, a spokesperson for Factorio’s publisher said that fish factory is still allowed to operate under the same license.

In a statement, Factorio said that they were “confident that they will be able to operate safely in the future” after their factory was closed.

The news comes after a similar incident involving a factory that made Kurumurugou fish in the same district earlier this year.

The Tokyo Metropolitan government had previously banned Kurumubuki fish factory from operating, citing safety concerns, but the company has since opened another factory in Omiyanashi.

The Kurumudougou district has a long history of industrial accidents, most notably in the 1950s when a fire killed four workers.

In February, a man was killed and four people were injured after a fire broke out in the factory in a building that was not registered as a factory.