Subway and Pizza are going after the pizza industry

Subway has announced that it’s launching a pizza delivery service.

The chain says the service, which will be available in stores and on delivery trucks, will be free to customers and will include “a variety of toppings, toppings styles and toppings types, plus pizza-themed ads.”

In addition, the chain will start testing delivery trucks this spring, and it will roll out the service nationwide in 2019.

“The delivery of our pizza is so essential to our community that we wanted to create a service that was easy to use, safe, and convenient,” Subway President and CEO John McDonough said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with the PizzaGate team, and we are eager to see their work through.”

Subway’s launch comes after PizzaGate revealed it had hacked into more than 100,000 delivery trucks in New York City.

The company claims it has identified over 100,600 vulnerable vehicles and has already notified its customers.

Subway, which operates more than 700 stores across the United States, has already been ordered to pay $1.2 million in back wages.

Subway is not the only pizza delivery company to face scrutiny in recent months.

Last month, the pizza delivery startup, Deliveroo, said it was being investigated for allegedly stealing from its customers and for using fake identities to pay employees.

A federal investigation into the service has also been opened into a pizza-delivery company in Ohio.