How to get rid of a faulty iPhone? Factory reset

Fox Sports reports that Apple has announced that its devices will be factory reset via the iTunes app, in addition to the iPhone app.

Apple says it will allow users to reset their device through its support website.

“We have created an iPhone app, iPhone reset, which will allow iPhone owners to reset the device through the iTunes App,” a statement from Apple said.

“Users will be prompted to select the option to reset at the Apple Store, and the device will reboot to the default settings.”

The reset will reset your device to factory default, and you’ll get a text message informing you your device is no longer eligible for a free upgrade.

You can also manually reset your iPhone, but it’s unlikely to restore the data and data history.

Users can’t go back to factory settings without a factory reset.

What’s going on?

A factory reset is Apple’s way of telling you that your iPhone is no more, and that you should delete it from your device’s storage.

It’s the process that Apple describes as “temporary”, which is similar to wiping a hard drive.

The iTunes reset app was first introduced on the iPhone in 2014, but the feature was limited to Apple’s iTunes Store and iCloud.

If you had an iPhone running iOS 10, then you could do a factory wipe on your phone.

However, Apple has said the feature won’t work for older iPhones.

When your iPhone becomes a factory-reset device, it will remain in that state until you wipe the entire device or upgrade it to the latest version.

To reset your phone, you will need to follow the steps below: Follow the instructions on your iPhone to restore all of the data on your device, and then press and hold the Home button on the top-left corner of the screen until it turns red.

Press and hold Home, and choose Settings, then Cellular, then iCloud.

You’ll be presented with a new screen.

Tap on Factory Reset.

Follow these steps:Tap on Reset Device.

Your iPhone will reboot into its normal factory reset screen, where you’ll be prompted for a password.

Choose yes to restart the device.

Tap OK to confirm.

Your device will revert to factory defaults.