Google and Toshiba Announce Factory Reset Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, and Chromecast Mini to Help Them Fix ‘Software Defects’

Toshiba and Google announced the factory reset of the Chromecast devices earlier this week, with Toshiba saying it was the first time the company had done so in a long time.

“In this instance, we’ve made the decision to reset the devices,” Toshiba said in a blog post.

The company also promised that the firmware updates would help the devices “ensure they are fully functional and that the new firmware has been applied to the affected devices.”

The announcement comes as Google and Samsung continue to work on firmware updates to address issues with the Chromes latest hardware.

Google recently announced the company would be rolling out an update to its Chromecast line of streaming devices, bringing the hardware’s hardware-specific firmware up to date.

Google has been working on updates to the Chromecasts firmware since last September, but the company has been hesitant to publicly announce them until now.

Google’s Chromecast has faced some software issues in the past.

Earlier this month, a Chromecast device that was supposed to be an updated version of Google’s Chromecast, launched with an update that caused some users to experience problems with the device.

Toshiba said it was working on fixes for the issues that had led to some users experiencing problems with their Chromecast.

According to Toshiba, Google and the Chromelabs team are now working on a fix to address these issues, and the company said it would release a firmware update to address them soon.

Earlier this month Samsung also announced a firmware refresh for its Chromecasters.

Samsung says that it will be rolling the firmware out to Chromecast users starting today, and it is also working on firmware fixes for Chromecast issues.

Samsung says the firmware update for Chromecaster issues will be rolled out to all Chromecast owners today.