What’s in the Monster Factory’s new color factory?

From the looks of it, the next few years will be the best of your life!

This month, the factory has announced that it will be changing its colors to match the color scheme for its home base, which was revealed at the end of last year.

It looks like this change is just the beginning as the new factory will be taking orders for all of its new cars.

To celebrate the new colors, the Monster factory has created a limited edition color palette featuring six of the most popular color schemes from the upcoming Monster Truck line.

Here’s what the color palette looks like with the new color scheme:As you can see, the colors in the palette are a bit bolder than the original palette, and the colors have a bit of a more orange-y tone to them, so the Monster truck will be a lot more orange in color than the current color scheme.

The factory is also releasing new graphics to help make it easier for customers to identify the colors, with a brand new logo on the hood of the truck.

The truck will also be available in a special color that is only available through the factory.

The brand new color palette will go on sale starting May 17th, with an initial price of $1,799, which is $450 less than the factory’s current price.

The color palette also includes six new colors for the 2016-2017 Monster truck line.

The colors are available now in the United States, as well as in Canada, China, and Mexico.

The new color palettes are available for pre-order at the Monster Truck online store, and will be available to order starting July 10th.