Toyota to open new plant in North Carolina

A Toyota plant in the Carolinas will be able to produce a new vehicle in 2021 and build another car in 2023, a company spokesperson said Thursday.

The plant will build a hybrid, battery-electric and a hybrid-electric hybrid, the spokesperson said.

Toyota has not announced when it plans to start producing vehicles in the state.

Last year, Toyota announced plans to build a factory in the South and expand production in the Midwest, including in North Carolinians.

Toyota will make the new vehicle a Prius, which it says will have a range of up to 80 miles and a range-topping electric motor.

A new Toyota plant opened in the North Carolina Tar Heel state in the early 2000s, and a factory is currently in the Texas border, the company said.

President Donald Trump has ordered a review of U.S. manufacturing, with a goal of boosting U.K. production.