What is the best burger joint in Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn burger chain Cheesecake Factory is the newest addition to the list of Brooklyn establishments to have been awarded 10 factorial awards.

The 10 accolades include best in restaurant, best in cuisine, best menu, best drinks, best decor and best presentation.

The burgers and cheesecakes are also featured on the new “Burlington 10” list, a competition that ranks restaurants based on how well they perform in a variety of categories.

The Cheesecakes Factory, located at 829 W. 37th Street in Brooklyn, will receive 10 factors and will win the accolade for Best in Restaurant.

The Burger King at 939 W. 57th Street will receive 5, while the Domino’s Pizza at 1095 W. 42nd Street will be awarded 5.

The winners are determined by a panel of judges and editors from Next Big Food.

The top three burgers and cheese products are awarded first place, followed by the best desserts.

The award also honors restaurants that are considered among the best in Brooklyn.

The awards will be announced May 19 at an event at The Grove in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.