The best cheesecake and desserts in Dublin 5

A new burger chain is opening in Dublin and the latest restaurant to take on the role is a cheesecake factory.

Key points:Cheesecake Factory has taken over a popular Irish burger chain, The Express reportsCheesecakes have been on a roll in Dublin, with more than 400 locations opening since AprilThe Express reports the new chain will open in March at The Royal Dublin Tavern and will have over 300 restaurants in DublinFive of the franchisees are currently in business.

In June, the franchisee behind the burger chain said it would close all but two of its locations.

The franchisee said it was seeking a partner for the restaurant in Ireland, which is the same location it owns in London.

The burger chain has been operating in Dublin since April and it has a presence in the capital as well as in some of the UK’s other biggest cities.

It currently has about 30 franchises in the city, but it plans to expand that number to 50 by the end of the year.

The Express said the restaurant will have a number of new features, including an on-site kitchen, a full bar, and a cafe.

It is expected to open within weeks.

Cheesefest is a new burger-focused restaurant with burgers and fries and an onsite bar.