Toyota Motor Corp. unveils first vehicle with the latest in high-tech, carbon-fiber composite components

Toyota Motor Co. is launching a new car for the 2017 model year that is made entirely from carbon fiber.

The new, all-new Scion i3 is the first Toyota vehicle that uses the new composite materials, the company announced Tuesday.

Toyota’s announcement comes less than two weeks after the automaker announced that it was expanding its electric and hybrid portfolio with the i3.

The automaker said it plans to build a total of 500,000 of the new cars in North America by 2020.

The car will have a range of about 70 miles.

Toyota said it has already built and tested the car in several locations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company said the i5 will go into production by 2020, and the i8 will go in production in 2021.

Toyota also unveiled a carbon-ceramic headlight that uses a carbon fiber composite material.

The headlight, which is being produced by the carbon-finishing company CarbonLight, is being made by the car manufacturer’s parent company, Toyotas division.

It’s expected to be available in the second half of the year.