When the FDA takes over the sugar industry, a factory effigy goes with it

A factory effin factory in Biloxi, Mississippi is set to undergo a dramatic transformation after being purchased by a new federal agency, the Food and Drug Administration.

The factory is a former sugar beet factory that was shuttered by the Mississippi Department of Health in 2012.

Now, the USDA is taking over operations, and a new factory is being built at the site.

The new factory, which will be built on top of a sugar cane farm, will be the first of its kind in the country.

The federal agency will take over operations in the 2020s.

The facility, located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, has been shuttered since 2012 after the department closed the sugar beet and beet processing plant.

The Department of Agriculture says the department is looking to use the facility as a facility to produce food that can be sold to grocery stores and other retail outlets.

The USDA will be paying $7.5 million for the operation, according to an FCC filing.

“This facility is one of the most important agricultural facilities in the state of Mississippi, and the USDA will continue to support the continued operation of this facility as we continue to evaluate the agricultural use of the facility,” the USDA said in its filing.

The Sugar Beet Factory Effex is one in a number of new factory effixes being built in the Mississippi region, where sugar beet processing plants have been shut down in recent years.

The Mississippi Department, which is overseeing the project, says the plant is a new facility for the agency to operate in the next decade.

“The facility will be a world-class facility for production of cane sugar, and it will be used to produce sweetener, syrup and flavoring for the market,” Mississippi Department Secretary of Agriculture, Johnnie Thompson, said in a statement.

The plant will be equipped with a 100,000-square-foot facility, which includes the capacity to process 500,000 pounds of sugar cane per day. “

In addition, the facility will allow for a significant increase in production of sweetener and flavouring from our sugar beet plants.”

The plant will be equipped with a 100,000-square-foot facility, which includes the capacity to process 500,000 pounds of sugar cane per day.

It will also house a new sugar beet farm and sugar beet storage and processing area.

The farm will include a sugar beet production facility that will produce 100,00 pounds of sweetening a day.

The operation will also have a storage facility that can hold 1.5 tons of sugar beet sugar per day, and will be connected to a new conveyor belt system that will move sugar cane from farm to market.

“These new facilities are part of our ongoing commitment to increase the efficiency of Mississippi sugar beet growers and producers,” said Thompson.

“We have invested millions of dollars in improving the facilities at the Mississippi sugar industry site, and we will continue investing in these facilities to help our state meet the requirements of the federal government.”

The facility will also be home to the first farm animal feed storage facility in the U.S. The first feed storage site is located in North Dakota, which currently is a world leader in the process of processing and transporting grain to market through a system of animal feeding facilities.