Why the puff factory is going bust

by John MacDougall and Andrew Browning, Reuters March 3, 2019 07:20:22There is no shortage of companies trying to make the world’s most popular disposable perfume.

The one thing they all share is the same basic formula: a fragrant, alcohol-based liquid that has the power to make you feel good.

The basic formula is easy to make, cheap and has the ingredients you need to create your own.

It has been around for a long time and, in theory, can be made at home.

But there are some major problems with making your own at home:You’re unlikely to be able to afford the expensive ingredients, such as essential oils, and you won’t have access to the same tools you would if you were to buy them.

There are companies like Vogue and Nars that are offering the best of both worlds, but they’re also facing some serious hurdles to overcome.

Vogue is making a bold statement in the perfume space by offering a range of fragrances in its Vogue Fragrance Collection, a collection that is not only more affordable than the competition but also includes a range that’s less likely to sell out.

The fragrance is the result of a collaboration between Vogue, which is owned by Vogue Cosmetics, and NARS, which has its own line of perfumes.

The range includes NARS’ own line, including a collection with a scent called Pomegranate, which makes it an ideal place to start if you’re not familiar with what a Pomegene is.

It also includes the new Vogue’s own Pomega line of fraglances, which features Pomegras, a fragrance that’s a blend of Pome, Papaya and Pomella flowers.

Pomegranates, a pome flower used for perfume and for its dried fruit, have traditionally been used to create a fragrance, but Nars’ Pomegas collection is unique in that it’s made from an organic plant rather than the pome seed.

The company is hoping that its new Pomegal products will bring in more customers. 

Vogue has also launched its own collection of pome-infused perfumes, called POMME, and has launched its Pomegane line of fragrance and fragrance oil.

But POMme isn’t a traditional pome fragrance; it’s an oil that smells like dried pome. 

 Nars has its other pome oils in the pipeline, but none are organic. 

In terms of its POMPE, Nars is using a mixture of the organic pome oil and the synthetic pome that is used to make POMMEX, which will be available as a “natural” oil in the US. 

The company has also announced a new line of POMPEL, which are “facial oils made from the pomel of a species of Pomelo (Pomaea pomifera) flower.”

This is a plant that is native to South Africa.

It’s an incredibly popular plant and is commonly used in cosmetics, which could be why the company is trying to use this plant as a base for its POMEGA line. 

NARS has also released its Pompelo Oil line, which consists of a pomelo oil with a floral fragrance.

This is made from a plant called Pompaea spp.

It is a tree native to Australia, which can be found in many different locations around the world. 

At this stage, NARS isn’t sure if the POMEX line will sell out, but its Pompegas will, and the company hopes that it will help its sales. 

But there’s a lot of competition.

The best way to make a good quality fragrance is to buy an existing one and mix it with the right essential oils and botanicals.

But many companies are also using more modern technology to create their own perfumes or have created a new scent that’s entirely synthetic. 

As an example, there’s the Viscosity brand, which produces a lot more expensive scents than Nars. 

Pomelo is also a very popular plant in Japan, so a lot is made of the plant in their products. 

So, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending a lot on a fragrance or want to try your hand at making your very own, you might want to check out the Vogue Collection.