‘Star Wars’ to premiere on ‘Star Trek’ in 2020

The future is finally here for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” as the film will premiere in 2020, marking the first time the franchise has opened in theaters since 2013, marking a new milestone for the beloved franchise.

The announcement was made in a new trailer posted to the film’s official website that will debut in theaters nationwide on Monday.

The trailer begins with a clip from “Star Trek: Into Darkness” that shows the iconic starship Enterprise in its last moments.

It then cuts to a shot of the Death Star in its destruction.

The trailer will be shown in more than 2,500 theaters across the country, with the rest of the films opening in theaters in March 2019.

The film will also premiere in select international markets in 2018.

The release marks the final chapter in the “Star Tours” trilogy, which began with “Starring John C. Reilly,” starring the actor in the lead role.

It also marks the second time “StarWars” has been released in theaters, following the 2016 release of the film in theaters.

“Star War” debuted in theaters at the end of 2019, and then it would spend four years in theaters before closing in theaters and becoming a DVD exclusive.