Macs, cheesecakes, and cheese is back at Walmart after a 3-month hiatus

The Macs and cheesecaks that you’ve been saving up for have finally arrived at Walmart.

The retail giant is finally opening its doors to all those who were stuck on a “no-excuse” hiatus from the company in August.

The company confirmed to HuffPost that it has reopened to its usual retailing schedule, with an expected launch of the new Macs this week, which is also when shoppers will be able to purchase the new cheesecake mix and cheesecake mix that Walmart released earlier this month.

The two products are sold as separate items and the price difference is only a few dollars, according to

Walmart says the cheesecake is “an easy-to-make, no-excuses dessert mix that’s been perfect for cheesecake lovers.”

The new Mac cheesecak is a blend of all-natural cocoa powder, cocoa butter, almond butter, and coconut oil.

It’s not yet available at Walmart, but customers can purchase it on for $3.99, or at and select Walmart locations for $5.99.

The Mac cheesecake mixes will be available in the store and at select Walmart restaurants.

In July, the company announced it was shutting down the Macs for two weeks.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time,” Walmart spokesperson Julie A. Kline said in July.

“We have had some customers who have been in our stores for three months and have been looking for the Mac Macs.

It was really challenging.

It took them longer to find the Mac than it did the Mac.”

The Macs were supposed to open in late September, but Walmart is currently testing the new products, so that means customers can pick them up earlier than usual.

The stores where they will be sold, as well as the locations that carry them, will remain closed.

The company says the new mix and cheese will be more expensive than the old ones.

For those looking to get a taste of the mac, the Walmart cheesecake, which costs $1.79 for the whole batch, is available at select stores.

Macs, Macs & Co. are coming to your store.

Here’s how it works.

When you get your order, the macs come out in an ice cream dispenser, and you choose the flavor of your choice.

You can also choose from our Mac Cheese Mix and Mac Cheesecake mix.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect when you try your hands at the new mixes.

Macs and cheese in store.

Cheesecake Factory will also be opening in a few select stores on September 9.

A full list of participating locations is below.

A full list and details on participating locations:Macs &Co. is a leading global cheese company, with over 5,000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

Its brands include Mac, Mac, Creme, Macadamia, Macchiato, and Macadamias.

The store, which offers macarons, cheeses, and pastries, is based in Toronto.

More to come on the Mac product rollout and the opening of the store.