When a Pizza Factory in Connecticut Becomes a Pizza Hut: Factorial Design

A pizza factory in Connecticut is about to change that.

The new pizza shop will be called the Pizza Hut Factory.

CBS News: What do you think about the factorial design concept that you’ve been working on?

Derek Davis: The concept is great.

It’s really good.

And I think it really speaks to our employees.

The fact that you have this company that you want to grow, and you want them to thrive, is really important to them.

And it’s also something that is really exciting to us.

The idea is really, really exciting.

It speaks to us in a way that we’ve never seen.

And also to the people in the factory.

And you see this amazing vision that they have.

So, we’re really excited about it.

 It is really unique to us, and we’re excited about the concept.

It is an amazing way to connect with our workers, and it’s a really exciting thing.

And we’re also excited to do it.

I think that’s where the concept comes from, because I think this is where the company is going.

It has a vision, and they have a vision.

And they have to do something to achieve that vision.

So they’re just taking the best of what they have and building on top of it.

So it’s really cool.

We know a lot of you were excited to see this.

So how did this concept come about?

You know, the concept was always very ambitious.

We had a lot to think about.

We knew what we wanted.

But this concept came about because we were very excited to have a concept that was something that we wanted to build and create for the employees.

And then to have this concept being a part of the Pizza House that they’re going to experience was really exciting and kind of like a dream come true.

What is the pizza factory?

This is an outdoor, indoor restaurant that will serve up a selection of fresh, delicious and locally sourced pizza.

The factory is located in the heart of Connecticut, in the town of North Haven, and is open seven days a week, seven days per week.

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When the Pizza Factory opens, you will be able to enjoy your pizza at the restaurant, or order pizza online.

You will also be able order food delivery via the app, which is available in the U.S. as well.

The Pizza Hut will also provide on-site childcare.

We are committed to providing employees with health and wellness benefits, including the most comprehensive wellness program in the country.

And the company will also offer an extensive wellness program that will include nutritional, behavioral and medical screenings and visits.

Are you planning on hiring more employees?


We will continue to expand and grow our workforce.

And our goal is to hire 20 to 30 people a week.

And this is the first step in that process.

The company has already announced plans to hire more people this year.

And so we’re definitely planning on adding to our workforce and hiring more people, and this is a really important part of that.

And with the workforce being so busy and so focused on the new business model that we are, we’ll continue to add more and more people as we grow.