Apple, Nike and McDonalds: Apple, McDonalds and more

Apple is expanding its distribution in China, announcing the launch of Apple Store China (AWC), an outlet in Shanghai.

The new outlet will launch with Apple’s popular Apple Watch line-up, including the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple EarPods, the new Apple TV and Apple Pay, as well as other Apple products.

The announcement comes days after Apple announced that it would open a third China-based Apple store, the first in China since 2013.

Apple has been actively promoting the launch, with a new ad in The New York Times highlighting its new store, and the company has been selling its Apple Watch range of products to Chinese retailers for months.

Apple’s new China store is not the first time the tech giant has expanded into China, with other outlets like Apple Store and Apple Store Europe opening in the country in 2016.

In October, Apple launched an Apple Store in Singapore, and in November it announced a new Apple Store near Hong Kong’s Mong Kok.