How to make cheesecake at roseville Hershey factory

A new video shows workers assembling cheesecake in a factory at the heart of one of the largest chocolate factories in the world.

The video was shot by workers who were asked to build an assembly line of cheesecake machines at the Roseville, California-based Hershey, one of America’s largest chocolate makers.

It shows them assembling a cheesecake machine that weighs about 100 pounds.

It’s part of a larger factory where they’re using machines to make chocolate balls.

The factory, which produces about 200 million pounds of chocolate each year, is the biggest in the U.S.

It also has a production line for the famous Hershey Bar chocolate bar.

The factory employs about 3,000 workers.

“I am proud to tell you this is our very first time making a cheesecakes,” says worker Mark Schmitt.

“It is our first time to make one of these in this factory.”

The cheesecake is made from the same raw material used in chocolate bars.

It was the first time this type of cheesecakery was used to make a product at a Hershey Factory factory, said John Breslin, the factory’s president and chief operating officer.

The first cheesecaking machines are being built at the factory.

It will be the first factory to have one of them.

Production has been ramping up to meet demand for chocolate products as the U,S.

economy recovers.

It means that the company has been expanding in the United States.

Production is up more than 50 percent in the past year.