What is a ‘hershey chocolate’ factory?

What is Hershey’s chocolate factory?

A Hershey chocolate plant is a factory that makes its own chocolate products and that is the name of the Australian manufacturer of the products it produces.

Its name is an anagram of the name Hershey, the American chocolate company that makes the products.

The Hershey factory, in Sydney, Australia, is a relatively small one, producing around 2.2 million kg of chocolate a year, with a population of around 500,000 people.

It produces about 1,000 varieties of chocolate each year, which are available in a range of flavours including brown, dark and yellow, and chocolate with and without cocoa powder.

 Hershey’s does not make its own cocoa powder, but does use cocoa grown in its own factory in China.

The factory also produces the Hershey Kiss brand chocolate, which is available in various flavours, including the pink and pinkish variety.

Hershewys factory in Sydney.

Source:Supplied:The factory employs about 200 people, with some working in the bakery, but most are on site working on a range, including making cheese, pastries and confectionery.

Its employees are paid about $70,000 a year.

The workers have to live and work close to the factory, which means they have to wear protective clothing and are subject to noise levels, temperature and humidity restrictions, as well as working at night.

As a result, many workers live on the streets, or in remote locations.

The chocolate factory is owned by the company’s parent company, the Hersherys, Inc., which also produces chocolate in the US and China.

Hersheys chocolate factory in Melbourne, Australia.

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