‘It was not the popcorn factory’ that caused a $2m loss in a popcorn factory

A popcorn factory in Queensland has had its coupon redemption program cancelled after the worker who took part lost $2 million.

Key points:The company is still processing coupon payments for employees who lost their jobs at the factory in 2012The company said the process of getting the coupon redemption was “very complicated”The worker had to make $4,500 in savings per month for three yearsThe employee, who was not identified, had to apply for the coupon on the company’s websiteThe coupon redemption is part of a $3 million package of rebates and discounts the company has been offering workers for three decades, with more to come.

The employee had to put in $4.2 million in savings over three years before the company would consider accepting his payment.

“They were making payments on a weekly basis and they weren’t receiving any benefit,” he said.

Workers at the Coronation popcorn factory are now being paid a higher rate to get their money back.”

I was making very, very little money at the time.”

Workers at the Coronation popcorn factory are now being paid a higher rate to get their money back.

A company spokeswoman said the coupon payment process was “not the popcorn factories” biggest problem.

“The coupon process was not one of our biggest problems and we have since fixed it,” she said.’

We’ve never had to do that’It’s not the first time the company had a problem with its coupons, but this is the first instance in Queensland’s history where a worker has had to take part.

The worker, who had not been named, had not applied for a coupon at the company website before he lost his job.

“I was going to put my money down and get paid, and then they told me the coupon process has been cancelled,” he told 7.30.

The company was working on a new coupon system, which was expected to be complete in three weeks.

“We’ve always had to deal with coupon payment, so this is new for us,” he explained.

“But I’ve never been involved in any kind of coupon process, so I don’t know how it happened.”

The worker said he had applied for the coupons for three and a half years.

“When I got the coupon, it was not what I was looking for.

I was hoping to save a little bit of money, but I was not saving any money.”

And they said they were going to refund me and that was not going to happen.

“He said he was now receiving $4 in monthly savings, which he said was “really good”.

He said there was no way he was going back to the factory.”

This is not the company I want to be working for,” he added.”

At the moment I’m just making the best of it.

“Coronation says it has had a lot of people lose their jobs due to poor couponsThe Coronational popcorn factory had been in operation since 1932, and its production is the country’s largest.

Workers were required to spend $1.30 per month on their coupons and were paid $4 per month.

The rebate program was part of the company package that included rebates on all products, as well as discounts on products such as toys and housewares.”

In the past, people have lost their job due to coupons, and we’ve never seen that,” said Coronations marketing manager Scott Cope.”

As we’re working on this new system, the coupons are being phased in and we’ll be able to provide more details as to when it will be available.

“People will be able access these coupons for free.”

Corona’s spokeswoman said there were still a lot more people to make savings, and the company was “trying to make the most of that”.

“We’re always working to make sure we’re getting the coupons as quickly as possible, so we’re also working with our customers to ensure they can apply for these coupons,” she told 7:30.

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