A group of scientists wants to put the end to the coronavirus outbreak

A group from the University of Cambridge is planning to mount a campaign to ban the manufacture of certain materials that can be used in the production of coronaviruses.

The new organisation, called the Society for Environmental Risk Assessment, is being created as part of a broader research project into the risks of the coronivirus outbreak, and is looking at the potential for a “cost effective” way to combat the pandemic.

The aim of the new organisation is to provide a framework to monitor the effectiveness of existing methods of controlling the spread of the virus and develop a new system that would prevent and contain the outbreak, the BBC reports.

But it isn’t the first time scientists have called for an end to using certain materials.

A few years ago, researchers at the University Of Leeds and elsewhere were able to produce a vaccine for the coronas virus using the materials, which have long been used in a number of pharmaceuticals.

But since then, there have been numerous reports of people contracting the virus through contaminated materials.

The World Health Organization is urging people to use personal protective equipment such as masks, face masks, gloves and gowns and to wash their hands with soap and water, in case of an outbreak.