How to Make a Sugar Factory from a Sugar Carton

A new method of making sugar from a carton of sugar has been developed by a team of MIT researchers.

It uses the same basic technique as making a standard sugar, but the method has the added advantage of producing a large amount of sugar in a relatively short period of time.

The team developed the new technique to create sugar from one cubic foot of sugar, which is about 2.5 pounds.

This small amount of sugary liquid can be mixed with other liquids in the kitchen or stored for later use.

The researchers were inspired by a previous work that used a technique called liquid chromatography coupled to high-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LC/VMD) to produce the same amount of liquid from one carton.

This method uses the heat of the combustion chamber to separate the sugar into its components, which are then dissolved in a solvent.

The chemical reaction releases the sugar molecules in a liquid, which can be then stirred into the next carton, which will create more sugar.

The new method uses a similar method, but uses a high-powered vacuum that can produce an even larger amount of solution, or more than the amount of ingredients needed to make one cup of sugar.

Researchers say that this new technique can be used to produce more than 20,000 cups of sugar per day, compared to the current method’s production of just a few milliliters.

The technique can also produce sugar from sugar grains that were previously difficult to grow, which would be very difficult for a conventional process to do.