#JackedFactory modded Minecraft factory for Factorio modded server

The modded Factorio server for the Minecraft: Minecraft Edition has been hacked, causing it to crash.

The modded factory modded by modders has been compromised by a malicious entity, according to the developer’s website.

The hackers, who are unknown to the public, used a modding tool called “Jacked Factory” to hijack the server, causing a crash that has now caused Factorio to crash, modder Gjoni.net said on its blog.

The company also revealed that the modded mod has been “hacked by a group of people who have stolen our company’s domain names and servers,” the post said.

Affected moddlers include mods for the popular Factorio, World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

The exploit is the latest in a series of exploits against the modding community.

In October, a modded World of Tanks mod was hacked, with the hacker stealing the mod’s files and stealing servers, which it then hijacked.

In February, a hacker broke into the mod of a popular game called League of Legends and stole the server data and servers.

The attackers used a malicious server code to download and install a new version of the mod, Gjontakt said.