A new, ‘virtual’ gap factory for gap manufacturing

A new gap factory is set to open next month in India, which is hoping to make it easier for companies to source raw materials for their products.

The gap factory will be run by Gap Factory India, a subsidiary of Gap Inc., which is a $4 billion company that designs, manufactures, and distributes products made with chocolate, paper, plastic, and other materials.

The facility is expected to be ready to open by September 1.

Gap said the factory will create 1,000 jobs and produce at least 100,000 tonnes of chocolate annually, according to CNBC.

The Gap Factory’s aim is to boost local manufacturing and provide more opportunity for small businesses to access high-quality, high-value goods.

India has more than 3,000 gap factories, and the country accounts for more than 30% of global manufacturing output.

Gap Factory said the new factory would allow the company to “provide high quality, high value products at an affordable price.”

Gap said its first factory will take place in Bengaluru, India, and it will be followed by others.

Gap is currently working on a factory in Bangalore and is in the process of opening an industrial park in India.

Gap also has an agreement with a Brazilian manufacturer, and said it will likely build another factory in South Korea.

In the US, Gap is also developing a new gap manufacturing facility in Georgia, according a Wall Street Journal report.

Gap has also announced plans to open a new factory in Bangladesh in 2019.